Promoters / Venue Owners

  • No more paying for flyer printing and promotional teams to pass them out.

  • Direct event push to our NP members

  • Event change alerts

  • Notify people when celebrities are on their way

  • Let people see how many people are plugged into your party

  • Maximum exposure of venue to our users

  • Allows potential patrons to view upcoming events and alert their friends to where they should go


  • Tired of traveling out of town and not knowing where the parties are?

  • Tired of getting turned around at the door because you didn't know the dress code or age limit

  • Tired of showing up to a party and the event was shut down and no one told you 

  • Want to know where best clubs are in the city?

  • Ever traveled to a place and didn't know your favorite celebrity was performing that night and you missed it?

  • Ever asked the question what's going on tonight and no one knows?

  • Plug in feature- allows party goers to receive updates about your party cancellations, change of address, celebrity guest has arrived etc…

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